Research Objectives

The Canadian-German research collaboration is driven on a theme of guiding and managing light science and light technology that centre on three pillar topics.

The research program is broad and flexible, and uses these examples of shared research topics between our Canadian and German principle investigators. The binational training activities will aim to guide our students’ research towards developing and participating in research collaborations within this group.

  1. Longitudinal and transversal structured waveguides
    • Realization of innovative fiber structures
    • Functionalization of optical fibers by defined (laser) structuring
    • Optical guiding structures in bulk materials and thin films by laser modification
    • Novel functional materials with tailored properties
  1. Temporal and spatial effects in waveguides
    • Linear confinement of guided light waves
    • Light confinement inside cavities
    • Nonlinear propagation effects of guided high intensity light
    • All-optical routing and switching in waveguide networks
  1. Novel optical functions in waveguide components and systems
    • Novel fiber laser sources
    • Integrated quantum systems
    • Smart fiber-based biosensors