Jena-Munich Laser Photonics Congress Summer School 2019

The annual bi-lateral workshop between the NSERC CREATE guided light and GRK 2101 international training programs was held in Jena, German for the 2019 Summer School session between June 13 to 21, 2019. Trainees joined the workshop from all 3 Canadian institutions participating in the CREATE program (EMT-INRS, Université Laval and University of Toronto) as well international trainees from our German partner in the GRK2101 program at the Friedrich Schiller University‐Jena.

In addition to the scientific and professional training trainees received as highlighted below, trainees participated in the GRK2101 funding renewal site visit by DFG.

Some Highlights from the Workshop

Creative Tinker Workshop hosted by the makerspace Lichtwerkstatt
A Makerspace is an open collaborative work space that offers hands-on learning and access to tools and technologies that typically are not publicly available (similar to a hackerspace). Makerspace Lichtwerkstatt is a photonics Makerspace that provides all the tools and materials to setup state-of-the-art optical instruments. Trainees attended a creative tinker workshop where they learned how to take an idea, innovate a solution and use resources like Makerspace to turnaround rapid prototyping. Trainees learned to use the tools and setup the instruments to take their ideas and bring them to fruition.

Blender for Scientists Workshop I & II led by Dr. Johannes Kretzschmar
Blender is a free and open-source 3D graphics software. This workshop explored and applied Blender software in a photonics and optical research context. The aim is to explore ways to enable trainees to visualize optical setups, models and research results in a visually attractive and effective graphic in publications, presentations and proposals.

Industry Visits
Asphericon, Stockholmer Str. 9, 07747 Jena, Germany
– Tour of Asphericon offices and facilities
– Workshop on Asphere optical design technologies
Analytik Jena, Konrad-Zuse-Straße 1, Jena, Germany
– Tour of Analytik Jena facilities and demo

Technical Courses and Lectures
– Geometric Phase in Optics I by Dr. Alessandro Alberucci
– Geometric Phase in Optics II by Dr. Alessandro Alberucci
– “An integrated quantum photonic platform by femtosecond laser writing” presented by Prof. Roberto Osellame
– “Integrated Photonics for Quantum Optics Experiments” presented by Dr. Jasleen Lugani
– “Entanglement-Based Quantum Information Processing and Quantum Communication” presented by Dr Fabian Steinlechner

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