The NSERC CREATE Canada‐Germany GRK20101 2018 Summer Workshop was hosted this year in Montreal, Quebec from June 7 to 10, 2018. Trainees joined the workshop from all 3 Canadian institutions participating in the NSERC CREATE Guided Light program (EMT-INRS, Université Laval and University of Toronto) as well international trainees from our German partner in the GRK2101 program at the Friedrich Schiller University‐Jena. Prof. François Légaré from EMT-INRS was the chair of this four day workshop.

Unique to this year’s NSERC CREATE Guided Light workshop, it was book-ended with the 20th Photonics North Conference held June 5‐7, 2018 in Montreal. Photonics North is an international conference on application of photonics technologies which closely ties to the research pillars of Guided Light. We received positive support of the conference organizers and committee and, as a result, the NSERC CREATE Guided Light / GRK sessions and posters were an official part of the Photonics North program. With this support, the first day of the CREATE workshop took place at Photonics North 2018. Trainees were able to spend a day at the conference and several trainees had the opportunity in special conference sessions designated for the CREATE / GRK programs.

For the remaining time, trainees and supervisors from all 4 institutions gathered as a group to participate in the workshop activities. These activities included technical talks, lab tours, industry visits and professional skills development.

Some highlights from the workshop:

Photonics North 2018 Presentations and Posters. Our program held two sessions at the conference where 16 students presented their latest results. An additional eight students showed their projects during a designated poster session.

  • NSERC CREATE Guided Light and FSU-Jena GRK2101 Group Photo at Photonics North

Site Visit of MPB Communications. MPBC is a local industry partner that provides fiber laser and fiber aplifier subsystems to customs from a range of industries, from telecommunications to biomedical to industrial applications. Students were introduced to a Canadian business that demonstrates the variety of products and services available based on photonic technology.

  • MPB Communications welcomes students for tours of its offices.

Lab Tours at Énergie, Matériaux et Télécommunications – Institut national de la recherche scientifique (EMT-INRS). Students were introduced to the ongoing research and activities of CREATE PIs Profs. Luca Razzari, Roberto Morandottie and François Légaré.


Talks by Invited Speakers

– Social Entrepreneurship in Photonics: Stewart Aitchison, University of Toronto on Social Entrepreneurship
– Diversity & Inclusivity in Photonics Field: Isabelle Staude, FSU Jena with others on Women in Science – Discussion
– Incubator Workshop: Béatrice Ngatcha, GDD on Protection of IP
– Incubator Workshop: Pierre Galarneau, INO on Technology Transfer: The Value of Know-How- Research: Ulf Peschel, FSU Jena on Quantum Random Walks in Photonic Mesh Lattices
– Research: Piotr Roztocki, INRS on On-chip frequency combs meet quantum optic
– Research: Isabelle Staude, FSU Jena on Nonlinear and tunable resonant semiconductor metasurfaces
– Research: François Légaré, INRS-ÉMT on Advanced Laser Light Source infrastructure


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